Our strategy

Who we are

With over 30 years’ presence on the Small Caps market and almost 300 deals completed, Initiative & Finance has a unique position and level of experience in the SMEs financing segment in France.

Initiative & Finance supports entrepreneurs and managers for various projects: change of ownership or reorganisation of companies’ shareholder bases, growth capital or leveraged build-up

Thanks to its in-depth understanding of the issues facing SMEs, Initiative & Finance is more than just a private equity sponsor: it shares human and entrepreneurship oriented projects with managers having an ambitious developpement plan.

What we do

Initiative & Finance is looking at investment opportunities in companies valued at €5M-€60M, with an annual turnover of between €5M and €75M. The core target is firms with a value of €10M-€30M.

With the objective to meet the needs of the owners/entrepreneurs and the SMEs, Initiative & Finance structures its operations with flexible, tailor-made deal.

Initiative & Finance invests of between €2M and €15M per operation. This provides flexibility and offers a wide range of possible deal-types, as well as a significant number of potential opportunities.

Our values


Created in 1984, Initiative & Finance has been focusing on SMEs’ financing and transmission for 30 years.

Although operationally autonomous and independent from the start, Initiative & Finance achieved full independence in 2010, when buyout by its Managing Partners was completed. 2010 also marked the first fundraising of an institutional fund, Initiative & Finance FCPR I with €140M of capital under management.

The fundraising of a second fund Initiative & Finance FPCI II for €168M in 2015 enables Initiative & Finance to keep supporting companies in the long term.


With almost 300 deals realised, lots of acquisitions and more than 260 exits completed, Initiative & Finance enjoys a unique expertise and track record in the SME segment in France.

An in-depth knowledge of issues facing small cap companies up to € 75 million in value, especially in terms of development, completion of acquisitions in France and abroad and also financial engineering.


Initiative & Finance supports managers in their projects

… by taking minority or majority positions at their side…

… through partnerships based on strong personal relationships and contributing to build human capital of the companies.


Steadily for almost 30 years, Initiative & Finance is one of the most successful players in the French private equity sector thanks to the combination of qualitative businesses, skilled managers and investment professionals.

A stable, experienced team using a collaborative approach, which enables Initiative & Finance to be firmly focused on the future and performance.

Initiative & Finance in Paris
20, rue Quentin Bauchart - 75008 Paris
Tél. : +33 1 56 89 97 00
Initiative & Finance in Lyon
44, rue de la République - 69002 Lyon
Tél. : + 33 4 78 87 86 85